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Fun & Creativity


Allowing children to express them self the art lessons, this helps them to explore solely for the purpose of creating and using their imagination, thoughts and ideas.


Music sessions are very important in the Early Years Foundation Stage as it helps children's development in several areas.


Being physical this helps to develop children many life skills such as fine motor and gross motor development.


Did you know that by the age of 1, children recognise about 50 words and by the age of 5 they recognise about 10,000 words. and this is nurtured through story, time song time and general interactions. 


By developing a strong grounding in number is essential so that all children develop the pessary building blocks to be but to excel mathematically, this can be done through our cooking sessions.

Outside Play

This is essential to incorporate outdoor play within the setting as this encourages healthy and active lifestyle. Also to respect nature and problem solving this can sometimes invlove other childminder near me.  

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